I Finally Went To Hattie B’s

           So, I finally went Hattie B’s Nashville Hot Chicken. I put aside the Memphis/Nashville beef, which is totally a real thing, in the name of trying new food. See, that’s growth y’all. 

          I must say I was very impressed with the interior. It definitely vibes with the area it currently resides in. The patio is top notch and it’s covered!! It’s the perfect patio for brunching. I did notice Hattie B’s offers chicken and waffles on Sunday. I need to check to see what the mimosas situation is like. I pray they have mimosas. I need that patio in my life. 


           So back to the chicken. I ordered the large white, which comes with 2 sides. It came with 2 huge breasts with the wings attached, which is way more than I was expecting. You can also choose the level of spiciness when ordering. There are levels to this mane. The chicken is pretty good, but I wasn’t overly impressed. I wasn’t disappointed either. Its kind of a toss up for me. Not great, but not bad either. If I could use an analogy it would be that Hattie B’s is kinda like the city of Nashville; very nice place but lacks soul. For the sides, I went with baked beans, southern style greens, and pimento Mac and cheese. Yes, my inner fat kid came out. Mac and cheese was kinda blah, but the baked beans were crazy good! Greens are one of those polarizing dishes. Everybody can’t make them and there are lots of variations. They were better than I expected. Someone knows what they’re doing. Did I mention the beans are amazing?

           Would I recommend Hattie B’s? I wouldn’t say don’t go. It’s pretty good chicken and the prices are very good. It lacks a little in the seasoning department outside of just being spicy. I would probably go back if I’m in the area. I will certainly see what’s up with the brunch situation. I still think Gus’, Uncle Lou’s and Jack Pirtles are better options. No, I’m not just saying that because they are local. They just have a bit more of that soul that Hattie B’s lacks.

Life is for Living,

Michael B.