Yes, I know what you’re thinking. Did Mike just say he spent $79 on an umbrella? Yep! I know I could simply buy a cheap umbrella from a dollar store that I wouldn’t particularly care about losing. So why did I spend $79 on something I could have for $5 anywhere? Simply because I didn’t want just another cheap umbrella and I got tired of getting wet. Also, I ain’t balling, but I wanted a nice umbrella. 


          Before you close the page, let me explain. The umbrella in question is the Classic Umbrella from Blunt Umbrellas.  I’ve long believed an umbrella was an accessory that a man didn’t need. I can just run to my destination, right? I’m manly and too cool for that, right? Another item to lose. I totally agree with all those logical points, but why is an umbrella not manly? All the classy fellas seem to carry them, so why not the average man? I love showers, but I don’t necessarily want to take one with my clothes on. Why do I arrive wet and have to shake water off like a caveman? (No offense to any cave people.) All in the name of being viewed as macho?

           Sure it looks familiar but this umbrella has some pretty cool tech. It’s super light weight, can withstand a Category 5 hurricane and even has a pocket for a Tile so you don’t lose it. Ok, I might have over exaggerated the hurricane part, but all the others are factuals. Just open it once and you’ll see what I mean. It’s totally different. The opening mechanism is so fluid and smooth. The other cool thing about this umbrella is the 5 year warranty! So that $79 ain’t so bad.  

David Quarles with Blunt Metro umbrella 

David Quarles with Blunt Metro umbrella 

          All I can say is that I’m sold. At a certain point you just get tired of getting wet. Fellas, this umbrella also makes you look totally swagged out and what better way to impress that lady at the office than by pulling out that umbrella and walking her to her car? Classy move Ace! See where I’m going with this? Blunt Umbrellas come in lots of colors to match your style and there are also less expensive options, like the Metro line. Go check them out online at and their super cool IG page. Ladies, this would be a great Father’s Day gift! Wink Wink.  

Life is for Living, 

Michael B.