That’s a question I recently asked myself while sitting in the patio at dusk with Maddy. She hasn’t seen many of them and was so excited to see one. It was odd because when I was a kid we saw them all the time. They would take over our backyard in the spring and summer nights. Those were some of my favorite memories. Playing around with my cousins on the Slip N Slide and my dad handing each kid a half of a giant watermelon to eat on their own. Great times. In all those times, I remember there were always lightning bugs. Did anyone else try trapping them in glass jars and forget to poke holes in the lids? Just me? Oh my bad. 

         But honestly, where did they all go? I’m sure there is some super scientific answer for this, but I want the Cliff Notes version. I hate Maddy doesn’t get to experience the joy of watching lightning bugs. For now, her iPhone holds her attention. If you know, drop a comment. 


Life is for Living,

Michael B.