Technology is crazy. Like seriously insane. I grew up in a time when I had a penpal that lived in Nova Scotia and waited days or weeks for a letter to respond to a question I asked. Now everyone is way more accessible and having a friend on the other side of the globe isn’t very far fetched. I’ve recently experienced the closeness technology brings us when I finally linked up with a Facebook friend, Stephan Tapley.  


        I’ve know Stephan for quite some time. We met via a Facebook group dedicated to Sony cameras. He actually bought a lens from me. Every since then, we’ve talked pretty much everyday via Facebook Messenger comparing photography work; he’s amazing at capturing cars, but we’ve never met. Until recently on my trip to visit family in Georgia. 

          I told him I was coming into town and that we should try to link up. We were both pretty excited about it. We decided to explore a bit and ended up inside a home that was being built, which actually turned it to be a pretty dope place to shoot. He brought along a buddy Alex, who had a super sweet Honda Civic. 


           It’s was literally hot as hell and we headed towards the AC of a spot called Freddy’s, which at least had good ice cream. I didn’t really eat due to going to a BBQ soon after the shoot. Stephan and Alex ate all their food, so I’m gonna assume it’s half decent lol. I took advantage of the nice lighting to create some bokeh! Bokeh is life people. Trust me on this. 


        And that’s it! Stephan and Alex turned out to be super cool fellas. I’m so glad I got to finally meet Stephan in person. I got to see how he approaches his work. He’s just as particular as me. I love that he shoots entirely different from me and that we both got some great tips from each other. Definitely can’t wait to go back. Next time you’re wearing dress up clothes Stephan lol. I really appreciate the hospitality bro! 

Life is for Living,  

Michael B.  

Images by Stephan