Lately I’ve been walking and reflecting more. I think about life, what I might eat next week, or whether that’s a raccoon or a really big housecat staring at me. I don’t really plan these walks. They sort of just happen. This walk led me to Midtown; specifically Overton Square. 

         I must admit I don’t spend a great deal of time in Overton Square. It’s certainly changed from how I knew it growing up. Despite its changes, there’s still a charm to Overton Square you don’t find most places. There’s also some very random things lurking about.  


           Not sure what the last pic is. Maybe a duck or stork? Who knows. Let’s just go with a bird of some sort. See if you can find this guy! It's near The Zebra Lounge. I love the random artsy things of Overton Square that usually go neglected. People are normally hurrying to a restaurant and overlook the little things like the Koi pond near Belly Acres. Honestly, it was my first time seeing them as well. 


          Speaking of Belly Acres, I love the crop-duster protruding from the building. That's so cool and different. It seems totally out of place until you actually go inside. That interior is simply amazing. I wish they had movies on that huge wall of monitors. Now that would be dope. 


          I can’t really recall what my thoughts were on this day. Maybe I should start taking notes lol. Well, I did enjoy my walk and that’s all that matters. What are some of your favorite spots on Overton Square? Favorites things to do? 

Life is for Living, 

Michael Butler