Yep, my secret is out. I’m Batman. Everyone calm down. No, not really. I couldn’t live Bruce Wayne’s life though mine is very similar. Demanding career by day and demanding career by night. I don’t think I have any enemies though.

            There’s something about rocking a cool comic tee that lifts your spirit. It always takes me back to being a kid and dressing like my favorite superhero and pretending I had super powers. I must admit I did feel more confident in the Batman tee. 


           Comic tees also are easy to pair with just about anything. I usually rock mine a bit more fitted with some nice jeans (no dad jeans) and a pair of lace ups. I prefer lace ups because I don’t wear sneakers often. Also, don’t half ass this. Get the matching socks to complete the look. The cool level goes up exponentially! 


            I got this cool Batman tee at Target for $12. They have a huge supply of comic tees. Want something more exclusive? I’ve got some awesome tees from Amazon. The socks were a gift. Who is your favorite superhero? Do you have a love for the comic tee? Drop a comment! 


Life is for Living,

Michael B.