I want to start off by saying I’m always more lenient with Black owned businesses. Always. Why? Well, I don’t think Black owned businesses always get a fair deal in most cases. They are constantly judged by past bad experiences at entirely different establishments. Some of that is accurate feedback and some is just a crazy customer. Yes, there is a such thing as a bad customer. I want to see all Black owned businesses flourish and thrive. 


         Ok, the service is pretty bad. Before I get any backlash, I must explain that I went on 3 different occasions just to give them the best chance possible to change that opinion. That’s the reason I held off this review. Be prepared. It’s definitely not the worst I’ve ever had but its pretty common in that area. I want so much more for Hickory Hill. They are also pretty pricey and the menu isn’t clearly defined. 


         The food is awesome! Omg! Those jerk lamb chops are some of the best I’ve ever had! I believe they are made to order, so there will be a little wait. With that wait you’ll be rewarded with pure excellence. I paired mine with fried okra, which also was very good. I actually love the fact they are located in Hickory Hill. That part of town needs all the love it can get and for that I thank establishments like Flava House and The Wing Guru for servicing those areas. 


         In closing, I will say I recommend you going to check out Flava House, but with some concessions. I’m willing to overlook service for exceptional food. Hell some places with bad service have the best foods. I will say it’s more than worth it to try it out. 


Life fe is for Living, 

Michael B.