I Had My First Vegetarian Meal!

           Yep! I did it! My first vegetarian meal! Only took 35 years to finally try it. Before I go into my thoughts, I would like to thank Kim Thomas (@kpfusion), Justin Fox Burks (@TheChubbyVegetarian), and his lovely wife Amy for making this all possible. I was totally hesitant to try something drastically new, but they assured me I would enjoy it. So what did I have? 

The Vegetarian BBQ “Boss Man” Salad with Yogurt Ranch Dressing  

The Vegetarian BBQ “Boss Man” Salad with Yogurt Ranch Dressing  

             The Chubby Vegetarian whipped up his Vegetarian BBQ “Boss Man” Salad recipe along with oven roasted potatoes and banana pudding. You can check out the recipe HERE.               

             So, how was it? The “BBQ” didn’t taste like pulled pork, but it was oddly similar. Maybe my eyes and tastebuds were playing tricks on me. I’ve never been a huge fan of eggplant, but this was very good. I’m thinking the BBQ sauce helped make it more enjoyable for me. I could definitely have it again. I have to say the yogurt ranch dressing was absolutely amazing! OMG! I want a bottle of it! Now, let’s talk about this super crazy dope banana pudding for a second. Now, that I could eat every single day. You know how hard it is to keep the cookies from being soggy at the bottom? Those cookies were super crispy! Shout out to Amy for that banana pudding. You’re the real MVP!

           For a person that’s never eaten vegetarian food and has always been very resistant towards it, I must admit I was pleasantly surprised by the food. Now before everyone starts planning the parade for vegetarianism, I want to say that I totally couldn’t change completely over. I love my meat way too much, but I could definitely incorporate some of the dishes into my diet maybe twice a week. I want to thank The Chubby Vegetarian for not only being a super cool guy, but for not forcing any food on me. Sometimes people who are vegetarian or vegan want to change the lives of us or shame us about eating meat. Justin never did that and I totally appreciated that immensely. Go check him out on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for more vegetarian dishes. There’s also a matter of a Carrot-Dog that I need to explore! Also check out KPFUSION.com as well. She’s so freaking fashionable! 

Life is for Living, 

Michael B.