Yes I said it. Cordova, you really don’t deserve Jerry’s Sno Cones. Better yet, Jerry’s you’re way too good for Cordova. I know you’re wondering why I say this. Let me break this down for you. 


          I never ever ever ever go to the burbs, but I recently made an adventure to Cordova to visit the new Jerry’s Sno Cones. It’s not that the new Jerry’s is not great -hell they have a sitting area- it’s the residents of Cordova that are the issue. In line I heard nothing but complaints from people getting sno cones after someone that ordered before and the long lines. I'm thinking to myself, "These are all normal Jerry's Sno Cone operating procedures." Try standing in 100 degree heat waiting for your Supreme John Deere amongst a crowd of 50 people. Cordova you'll never know that struggle. 


          Jerry's, you're a Memphis treasure and way too good to be in Cordova. They will never appreciate you the way us nonsuburban dwellers do. We know the rules and have embraced them as law. Here's a potential new rule; You can't go to the new Jerry's without first going to the original location 3 times. I think that's fair. Maybe the residents of the burbs will come around and learn to enjoy their enclosed patio that the original doesn't have. Maybe they will chill out. Probably not, but we can all be hopeful. 


Life is for Living,

Michael B.