Eventually you'll need a new credit or debit card. Maybe yours expired, you lost it, snapped it in half as you sat in the car..... Ok maybe that's just happened to me. You'll definitely find yourself in a situation when you're going to have to replace a card. This is the moment when your life goes into complete chaos! 

          Why? Well, if your anything like me, you've got things automatically deducted from your cards. I've got photography memberships, my electric bill, and lots of other things. If you're also like me, you forget to update these things when you get the new card. Yep! I didn't and guess what? I went home to an apartment with no lights and even my website being suspended. It was not a pleasant experience at all.  

             Waiting in the heat of the summer for your lights to be turned back on really makes you put your entire existence into perspective. When will I grow up and be an adult? How did people survive without WiFi? What was the noise?

             So do yourself a favor and update all your accounts as soon as you get your new cards. Don't be like me. Be better than me! 


Life is for Living,

Michael B.