Oh Tinder. The app that is a basically a "Hot or Not" for singles near you. After a breakup, a friend encouraged me to try it because he swore he’s had success with it. I'm not very keen to online dating because I feel meeting someone and having a conversation is more ideal to me. Having to sift through photos of people seems very time consuming, but I gave in and gave myself 5 days to discover if I would actually meet someone. Here's what I discovered.  

Is it a Hook up or Dating App? 

           I'm still quite confused on this one. I don't think there's a definitive answer. It's a toss up. I can see it being used to see who's in a location near you that is available, but that could also be used to see who's down to hook up. I think it's person specific, but it's definitely an issue with people because lots of profile read "NOT LOOKING FOR HOOKUPS". I personally wouldn't take it as a serious dating app. Casual encounters maybe. 

Catfishing is alive and well!

          Yeah catfishing is still a thing these days and if you're being catfished in 2018 you kinda deserve to be catfished. New to the concept of catfishing? It's basically a person online that lies about their true identity. There are plenty of spam accounts of women that are just way too perfect or that something just don't seem right. Watch the signs! I swiped right on a woman I actually know only to find out someone had stolen her pics and created a whole account. Then I was super liked by a woman claiming to be a lawyer. I asked where she went to college and she couldn’t tell me. BLOCKED! Also, some women hide behind the head only pictures. I call it body catfishing and it’s way more prevalent. 

A normal conversation is a rare commodity 

They say conversation rules the nation. I've learned that some women are so used to being asked questions and offering the most basic answer that they cant have a real conversation. In a world of “wyd” “good morning” and “how was your day”, it would be nice to have a compelling conversation about aliens or anything. Getting to know a person is a two way street and each have to put in effort. A vast majority of the women I interacted with where some of the most boring women I’ve ever talked to in my life.  

The app is lacking in features and pricey 

I tried Tinder and it's not for me. Besides the people, the app is a bit lacking. You can't send pics within the messenger, which I guess would cut down on the random, unsolicited pics of genitalia. There's also fees associated with the service. $29.99 per month for Tinder Gold, which puts you at the front of the line for a potential boo basically. Kinda steep. 

It’s a weird way to meet people  

Maybe it’s the 80s baby in me or my need for real human interaction, but meeting someone online is super awkward for me. Can you really tell if you’re into a person by simply seeing pics of them? I prefer to be around someone and talk with them. I can instantly tell if I like them or not. Tinder takes that aspect away. Ever go out and meet a tenderoni, get her number and can’t wait to call her? Can’t get that level of feels through Tinder. You’re just stuck waiting to see if they swipe right or read their messages at least once per week. 


         Needless to say, I deleted the app. I prefer to old fashioned method of running across a woman at a grocery store or a bar. I’d rather leave it all up to fate. 

Life is for Living,

Michael B