See that pizza up there? Yeah, that one. Looks delicious, right? Would you pay $25 for a medium pizza? Yeah me neither, but I somehow managed to. How? Well, here we go. 

            I took the day off from work to hang with Maddy the Great. We went to see Hotel Translyvania 3 and decided to grab a bite to eat. I always look for local establishments first and decided on Broadway Pizza. I’ve had Broadway pizza years ago, so I was kinda excited to have it again. I ordered a half cheese half, Broadway Special along with 2 sodas. We finished and received our bill.  $32.23  

             There had to be some mistake. This couldn’t have been my bill. I had a medium pizza and 2 sodas! I look over the receipt and see the horrible news. This pizza costs $25! This pizza was in no way worth $25. I won’t go into how the crust tasted frozen and the toppings just slide right off with each bite. Heck sodas at $2.25 each is a tad excessive. I could have bought a couple 2 liters or a shopping cart full of Faygos! 

           I feel like I was gotten over on, played and pimped. For the first time ever, I wished I hadn’t eaten local. I’m already not a huge fan of pizza and this one was surely not the best I’ve ever had. Granted it wasn’t the worst, but it definitely wasn’t worth $25. $25 for a medium pizza. Geesh.   


Life is for Living, 

Michael B.