Aldo’s Pizza on Main is petty much always in play for my Sunday Funday brunching adventures. They have this amazing cheesecake that I absolutely have to get every Sunday. It’s literally become a thing for me. I decided to go for something other than the cheesecake on this adventure and was pleasantly surprised. 


          Now Aldo’s doesn’t technically have a brunch menu, but they have a couple items that can be brunchy....Hold up. Is that even a word? Whatever. I went with the shrimp and polenta. What’s polenta? I had the same question as well. The best way I can describe it is polenta and grits are pretty much the same thing expect polenta is made with yellow corn. Polenta is a bit creamier to me than the rougher grits. Trust me, it’s very good. It comes with either a vodka or poblano sauce. I’m fancy so I get both! Pair it with a mimosa or a their house made Limoncello and you’re brunch goes to another level! 

Life is for Living,

Michael B.