Be Your Own Superhero Mane

           I always wanted super powers. I’m pretty sure we all did at some point. Who doesn’t want super strength, the ability to fly, X-ray vision, or to be able to shoot cool things out our eyes? If you’ve never pretended to be a superhero, you might need a redo of childhood. Superheros are awesome, but they also cripple us. They make us dependent on them for our safety and lives. Where would we be without Superman? 

           We lust after their abilities and wish for them so we can change our own realities. What if I told you that everyone already has super powers? Would you believe me? You can totally change your entire life by changing your thinking. Sounds crazy right? I know, but it’s the truth. It starts in the thoughts and things tend to manifest in the physical. You can literally make yourself sick by thinking you’re sick!  

          While you can’t think you can fly and go jump off a building to test your abilities, you can get a pilot’s license and go fly a plane yourself. Being more positive and kind will in turn bring both back to you. Not every day but for the most part. So try something new today and think positive. Be nice to that coworker you don’t care for. Help a person in need. See how your super powers can work for you. 

Life is For Living, 

Michael B.