After a lengthy hiatus, Maddy the Great and I returned to Crosstown! We were greeted by many well wishers and there was a ceremony in our honor welcoming us back. You totally had to be there. Ok, no one knew who the heck we were, but we walked in there like we owned the place! You gotta stunt on them every now and then so they remember who they are dealing with. 

             So why the hiatus? Well, Crosstown lost its flavor. I remember being one of the first to shoot in Crosstown and it was awesome, but then everybody started shooting in Crosstown. I mean everybody! Everyone’s work looked exactly the same and I’m no fan of being similar to other photogs. Every kid with a basic Canon or Nikon with a kit lens was doing $35 photoshoots there. I hate to be the old man, but it just really sucked. So we bounced to find other places to shoot.   

          What brought us back? Well those same kids with their T5s and D3300s have lost that same passion as well. It was also a pretty day out and Maddy loves the central atrium. I pretty much have no say so. If she wants to go, then we are going. So we brought the a7iii and one lens; the trusty Samyang 35mm f1.4. Here’s what we got! 

            I’m not sure if we will be coming back as regularly as we did before, but we really enjoyed it. Brought back lots of memories. I definitely remember what brought so many photographers to the building; that amazing natural light!! 

Life is for Living, 

Michael B.