Photo cred: @aleksworks

Photo cred: @aleksworks

          At times I have to motivate and be my own cheerleader, which I think is totally normal. I doubt my work a lot because I feel there are so many other amazing photographers and videographers and I’m on their level. I also have a tendency to remain as modest as possible and I try not to brag.  

          Recently, I've been shooting a lot more video. I'm totally not the best at it but I'm really into creating memories through motion pictures, which all video really is. I have met some amazing videographers like Isaiah Conyers, KC Austin, etc and even a big time Youtuber, Jason Anthony. Each have encouraged me to just go shoot and create something. So I did just that. I took a walk downtown and shot just random clips and created a little short. 

          Even after making that video, I still was hesitant about posting it. I still doubted it. My daughter, Maddy, said it was awesome and that I should. Had she not said that this video would never have seen the light of day. Boy was I glad she said it! I posted it and it went crazy. People were commenting about how cool and beautiful I made Memphis look. It got 25 shares on FB in 1 hour! I had no clue how this random clips would touch people. As of this article, the video has 2.5K views! I’ve never had a video have that many views! 

           Then it hit me. Everyone won't like your work. You can't worry about those people. You have to focus on those giving positive feedback and constructive criticism. Haters aren't really real. Haters are just our own insecurities that we personify. It’s ok to be excited about your work and to be proud of it. We are all capable of amazing things if we can get out of out own way. So go be great and go create mane! 

Life is for Living,

Michael B.