In the wake of the Bill Cosby sentencing, I have been very disturbed and angered by some of the responses I’ve seen on social media. I’ve seen some try to play the race card and compare this case to others who have been accused who are white. I’ve seen lots of victim shaming ranging from the attractiveness of the victim to questioning why she placed herself in that situation. I’ve seen some say it’s a conspiracy from Cosby’s interest in purchasing NBC in 1992. 

          Let’s just cut directly to the chase. Bill Cosby is a rapist. Period. Does it hurt because he played Dr Heathcliffe Huxtable and was the perfect TV Dad? Hell yes it does, but we have to realize that he was acting and Dr Huxtable isn’t real. Is the judicial system tainted and are punishments more severe for people of color? You damn right! The judicial system is definitely flawed, but that’s not what this is about. Have other white men committed terrible acts of violence towards women? Yes, but the “but what about them” excuse is what you would hear from a child not willing to take responsibility. Those who’ve done wrong will have their day. The point is Bill Cosby is a rapist. Point. Blank. Period. He’s serving his time due to his crime. 


           I was recently asked by someone, “Mike what really is rape?” He went through a couple different scenarios to try to find some gray area to lessen the possibility of rape. I was so pissed by his scenarios and even for asking the question. Im thinking to myself “Im talking to a possible rapist!” I’m a firm believer that if you have to question whether what you’re doing is rape, it’s safe to say you should probably stop because you’re crossing a very thin line. So I broke it down very simply for him. If you put something in her drink so she will have sex with you; it’s rape. If she says no and you proceed; it’s rape. If you have to threaten or use physical force; it’s rape. He said well she went to the hotel room of a married man. So I guess by some weird logic that means she deserves or consented to being drugged and raped. Wrong! I told him he’s the primary reason women and children don’t say anything about being molested or raped. He’s creating scenarios to protect the predator and making the victim responsible for someone else’s actions. 

           I hate this because Bill Cosby reminded me so much of my dad. He was funny, a great father, he was successful, he made you want to go to a historically black college, he gave great life advice. But everyone has a dark side. A side they try to hide. Yes, I know their are more rapist and sexual predators who are white. They will have their day. This is Cosby’s time. We can make any excuses for him. He has to lay in the bed he made. Let’s focus on that and help support victims of sexual predators. We owe them that much. 


Life is for Living, 

Michael B