Recently Nike made Colin Kapernick one of the faces of its 30th anniversary ad campaign and it seems some people have completely lost their minds because of this. Some are burning their Nike gear or vowing to never buy Nike products again. I have several questions about why this ad has triggered a certain demographic. I don’t think I have to detail exactly what this demographic looks like at this point. 

 Why does this ad really upset you?

         I’ve heard arguments that kneeling during the anthem disrespects the flag, the country and veterans by kneeling during the anthem. How so? I’m a veteran and I don’t find it offensive at all. I wonder how many of these veteran lovers actually served in the military. I also wonder how many have reached out and actually helped veterans in any capacity other than in objection to Kapernick’s protest. Let’s cut the shit, it’s not about the vets. It’s because Kap is black and he should, in the eyes of some, basically be happy he has a job and shut up. 

 Why do you think Nike cares?

Ok you’ve burned your Nike gear because you’re having a temper tantrum. Now what? Nike should be so upset and hurt by your actions, right? Nope! You’ve already bought the Nike gear so they already got your money. You’re burning you’re own money up. If that’s the case, can you please send me some money? I take PayPal, Cash app and Venmo. Seriously, you aren’t hurting Nike in any way. They are a multi billion dollar global company. Burning a few shoes and shorts does nothing to effect their sales.  

Why not donate the discarded Nike gear to veterans? 

Now this question made way too much sense as I asked in my head. These folks love American and the veterans so much and lots of veterans are homeless or living in poverty. Well, why not help those in need? Especially the veterans in need. That seems to be a far better way to release this frustration.  


         Let’s not get this twisted. While Nike has definitely made a stance, this is also a business move. Nike is betting on those who want a change and their dollars. It’s already paying off because the NFL released a statement shortly after. The NFL is huge, but Nike has major influence as well. They also supply all NFL uniforms and apparel via a contract. Nike and the NFL will be partners for quite some time.

             For the last time, to those upset about players kneeling, the protest is not about disrespecting the flag or veterans. This is to bring an awareness to social injustices in this country. You don’t have to agree with the way they are choosing to protest, but don’t forget this great country of ours started with a protest.  

Life is for Living,          

Michael B.