The Real Reason She Hates “WYD” Texts


This seems to be the text that has set the internet and women off collectively. Well, it all recently hit a head when a young woman posted a picture (below) of herself holding a list of her bills and stating they were the reason she couldn’t accept a WYD text. I honestly don’t see the connection between the two in any way, but I do have an opinion. 


           Let’s be real for a second. Why the hell is she paying $500 for a cellphone??!! I’m assuming she lives in California for her rent to be that high as well. Either way, I think those numbers are sketchy.

           It’s not the WYD text that’s the real issue here. The real issue is who sent the WYD text. If a woman is interested in a guy, she would have no issue with a WYD text at all. She would more than likely detail what she’s doing because she’s heard from someone she’s digging. The issue comes in when the guy is not who she wants. Maybe she’s informed him of that and he hasn’t taken a hint or maybe she’s stringing him along for some attention. The point simply is that her bills wouldn’t mean much when it comes to merely answering a simple question. I mean it is a very basic question and that would be a rude response.

           I’m not a woman and I don’t pretend to know all the ways of women, but I do know how attention from anyone is better than none for some people. I know several people that have strung people along just until they can find the person they really want. So to the fellas that are sending “WYD” texts, don’t feel down. If she’s responding with some meaningful conversation then you’re good. Just don’t let “WYD” be the first and only thing you always say. To the ladies that are tired of the “WYD texts from a certain guy, just block him sis. If you’re actually interested then coach him up a bit. Men don’t know everything and we can’t read minds.

Life is For Living,

Michael B.