Yo there’s a new Central BBQ on Poplar out in East Memphis! Rejoice! I can now get the BBQ Chicken sandwich on my side of town and not wait in the lines behind the kids that just left Urban Outfitters. There’s also way more space to actually dine in. I’ve once ate on the patio on the Central Ave location during a thunderstorm. No beuno fam. I got to check out this new location with my good buddy Mikel and see his new DJI Pocket. I’m so buying one of these little cameras to vlog with! More to come! 

            I can’t say a lot about the food. It tastes like the other Central BBQ locations, which is a not a bad thing at all. Hold up, is the Summer Ave location still open? I’m too lazy to Google it. The new interior is pretty dope though. They really brought out all the big guns with the decor. I love the new logo and color scheme. Looks more upscale and blends into the almost Germantown vibe. Oh yeah there are also 2 registers and Central swag! I need that Meat hat! 

         If you like Central BBQ and don’t want to drive to Midtown or Summer, then this is the best bet. I can’t wait until the weather gets nicer to check out the patio. Central BBQ, what’s up with a possible mimosa situation? 

All images shot with Sony a7iii with Sony FE 28mm f2  

Life is for Living, 

Michael B.