Guy Tip: You Don’t Have To Be Tough All The Time

          I know that title might rub some the wrong way, but let me explain. As a man, life is tough. We don’t get to show signs of weakness. Feel bad about a breakup? Mane you’re weak. Fellas remember back when you skinned your knee on the playground? You knew it hurt like hell and wanted to cry, but you couldn't. Why not? Because guys can’t cry. Guys can’t be weak. Guys are macho, but there are times when being macho isn’t the best response. Being tough all the time will damage you emotionally. My dad always told me the man who cries is the strongest man you’ll ever meet. Wise words mane. 

           So today fellas be silly and be vulnerable. Try it out! Talk about what’s bothering you. Don’t be afraid to be called weak. Listen to some Drake. Come on now, we all love Drake. Be happy mane! I try to stay as happy and positive in spite of what’s going on, because all that stress can kill you. We gotta look out for our health and that includes the mental side as well. Got some silly pics? Pics of you smiling? I would love to see them! Here are a few of me! 

Life is for Living, 

Michael B.