So I Went To Atlanta

           So I went to Atlanta. The land of Waffle House, Chik Fil A, and trap music. Atlanta is like Memphis’ older cousin that went off to an HBCU and now dresses different. Not that Memphis is uncultured or lacking, Atlanta is just a little different. It’s got that big city vibe with the Southern charm we all love. I have a love hate relationship with the city. 

            The first day pretty much set the tone for the entire trip. I booked a room at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Downtown Atlanta on Peachtree. Looked very nice from the online pics on We get there and it’s crazy booked with what appeared to several conferences. Check in took about 15 mins but there were only a few elevators and the wait times were horrible. The room was located on the 14th floor. The views from the room of downtown Atlanta were dope though. 

          Next up was a trip to Gus’ chicken. Yeah I know. I went to a spot in Atlanta that we had in Memphis. So what? Sue me! The experience was so trash I want even talk about it. Step your game up Gus in Atlanta. Y’all tripping mane. Next up was a walk to Centennial Park and an adventure to find a Walgreens. After that a trip to SunTrust Park to see the Atlanta Braves play. 

          Let me just say this. The area surrounding the stadium is amazing. There are shops, bars, eateries and even apartments all located inside this area. It was so dope. Memphis needs something similar. The stadium is amazing. I’ve been to several major league parks and this one was the best. They also had a Waffle House and a Chik Fil A inside. Naturally I had to find a bar inside. Come on you guys know me. 

           Day 2 started out great. We visited a market in the Edgewood area that was so nice. I loved that there were butchers, farmers and little shops to eat all in one. Memphis, take notice mane. We got there a bit too early so most of the shops weren’t open yet. Since I’m an avid bruncher, I decided to hit up a spot that was close by. It was called BQE Restaurant and Lounge. I think a Trap Brunch was going on when we walked in. It was packed as soon as we walked in at 10AM. We were told since we didn’t have a reservation that we could sit in a section but had to be done in an hour. An hour! A time limit on brunch? Not only that but their regular mimosa was priced at $13 each! Yes regular champagne and OJ in a glass was $13! They also offered bottomless mimosas for $28 per person and you couldn’t share. At this point I was done. The server let us split a bottomless but I was not too happy about it seeing how we still had that 1 Hour time limit. Thankfully the food was good. 

          Later that day I did a maternity shoot for a good friend of mine and tweaked my back a little. We went to a very nice steakhouse downtown called Cuts. Now this place was nice and our server Gary was amazing. He is from Montreal and gave some great life lessons. The evening ended with me laid out like an old man watching the new season of Stranger Things and still complaining about those $13 mimosas. 

           Sunday was check out day. I was so ready to get back to Memphis. Y’all do remember the mimosas were $13, right? Not sure if I mentioned that. We went to Waffle House because the Atlanta Breakfast Co was insanely packed then took a visit to the World of Coke. It was a good experience. Very crowded but it was nice. Here’s a pro tip. Don’t buy the surprise bags. You’ll be surprised by the money you wasted. We tried to go to the Trap Museum, but the line was about 3 blocks long. Maybe next time. 

           That was Atlanta! Nice place to visit but I could never live there. They will literally run you off the highway if you don’t go at least 120 mph. 3 days was more than enough. I do have to admit that the customer service at the Atlanta Waffle House is way better than anything I’ve experienced in Memphis. There staffed actually liked their jobs. While I did enjoy Atlanta, I’m still pissed the mimosas were $13. 

Life is for a Living,

Michael B. The