Review - Papa Bear Skins

I'm switching things up a bit over here at I decided I needed a little bit of camera time from time to time. Not sure why anyone would wanna see my mug, but hey that's not the point. 

I'm here to tell you guys about Papa Bear Skins. I've always liked pork rinds and thought they were pretty basic. Well, Papa Bear Skins has changed my mind with their awesome selection of flavors. They have the standard BBQ and Hot and Spicy, but they also have Ranch and Lemon Pepper. Yes, lemon pepper! There are also other flavors as well. 

Here's my 1 min review of Papa Bear Skins! Excuse the focusing issues. Still learning the habits of this new lens. 

You can find where Papa Bear Skins are sold and updates on their Facebook and IG pages

 IG: @papabearskins

Life is for Living, 

Michael B.  

Staycation at The Guest House at Graceland

          Recently, I took my daughter, Maddy the Great, for an overnight stay at Memphis' newest resort, The Guest House at Graceland. I must admit this was not only my first visit to the hotel, but would also be my first trip to Graceland as well. It's funny because I've lived in Memphis most of my life, but never visited one of the most visited homes in the world. 


          Saying I was impressed my the resort is really taking it lightly. The main entrance is simply amazing and gives the feeling that you are no longer in Memphis. The ceiling is everything and Maddy stared at it each time we saw it. The decor has hints of Elvis Presley scattered and you have to really pay attention to find them. It's basically like a mini scavenger hunt when you go. Honestly, I was never an Elvis fan, but I found that the more I learned about him the more I was intrigued. 

          The room we received was equally impressive. I loved the wallpaper and the white backlit headboards were great for Maddy. She still a bit afraid of the dark, so this helped tremendously. Yes, the mattresses passed the official Maddy kid test. She jumped in the bed for at least 15 minutes and the mattress held up to this madness! Pro Tip: the rooms come with the standard wall plug in addition to USB ports!! 

          For dinner, we decided it was the perfect time to dress up and enjoy one of the restaurants inside the hotel. Any excuse to get fancy is fine by us. Maddy decided she wanted to wear her bat princess dress. We settled on EP's Bar and Grill. Pro tip: The grilled salmon is to die for!

          After dinner, we enjoyed some live music in the lobby and headed back to the room for an action packed filled seating day. The Disney Channel is a standard with the cable package. Great news for kids, but not so great news for parents. At least the lobby bar stays open late. 

           The next morning we got breakfast at The Delta Kitchen inside the hotel. The buffet was great and Maddy made sure to test the limits of the amount of cereal she could eat. Luckily, the staff was very friendly and accommodating to Maddy's demands. 


          The next day was our very first trip to Graceland. We learned so much about Elvis Presley, his family and his historic career not only as a musician, but as an actor. By today's standards, the home is not something you might see on MTV Cribs, but in the time Elvis was alive it was high tech and luxurious. Funny moment! In the living room sat a console TV. Maddy asked what it was at that very moment I knew my child had never really experienced life. She's only seen flat screen TVs and never seen a telephone with a cord! 

           Next up was a trip across the street to do a little shopping. There were so many shops and places to eat. We decided that since we wanted the full experience of Elvis; we had to go for the fried peanut butter and banana sandwich. We also toured Elvis' car museum and Maddy fell in love with all the pink cars naturally. Being able to go inside of both of Elvis' airplanes was awesome. Hint: They both are decked out like Graceland. Prepare for an overload of shag carpet!

          Check out was bittersweet. We had a great time at The Guest House, but we sadly didn't get a chance to swim in the newly opened pool. The Memphis weather just would not cooperate. Have you ever been stuck in a hotel room with an upset child? It can be the worst time ever! All she wanted to do was swim and there was nothing I could do about it. Maddy stared at the pool each day and sighed. 

          Overall, I would love to go back and visit The Guest House at Graceland and I highly recommend it to anyone traveling to the Memphis or for an in town staycation for locals. This is a welcomed addition to Memphis and the Whitehaven area. The overall experience was amazing. From the moment you arrive until you leave, the hotel wows you at every turn. I've traveled a lot, but I've never felt as if I was home while traveling. It was truly a unique experience. All the staff was kind and helpful and we truly enjoyed ourselves. Maddy is counting down the days until we return and so am I. We have to get in that pool!!


Life is for Living, 

Michael B.  

Get Out Review

I went out to see the new movie Get Out, which was written by funnyman Jordan Peele. I must say this movie came with lots of mixed emotions from the first previews. It was a horror movie that featured a black man as the lead and the villians were white good ole white folks. Well damn! Some said "Mane, white folks been the villains for centuries" while others were screaming that the movie was racist against whites.....Really bruh? As a black man, I couldn't really understand that assessment, but I digress. 

I will say that this movie is one that everyone should see. It's definitely not just a black film and it's also not an anti-white film either. Before I go into detail, here's a friendly disclaimer. 

Disclaimer: Major Spoilers Alert! Turn back now if you haven't seen the movie!!  


Ok now that we've got that out the way, BRRUUUHHHHH!!!! Like wow!! I assume if you're still reading then you've seen the movie at least once. I can say that it wasn't as cut and dry as I thought it was from the previews. Can't say I saw that plot twist coming at all.  


What I will say is that if you don't have a friend like Rod, you don't have a real friend. This guy is actually the hero of the film. He told Chris from the start that there was something fishy about everything. 

Rod also embodies the constant suspicions and fears that many blacks have with white people. I'm pretty sure some whites also have suspicions and fears in regards to blacks as well. I think it's a human issue that stems from years of racial programming. Rod is constantly on guard and seems negative at first, but his fears are rooted in what he's heard and probably witnessed. I don't necessarily think white people are making black people sex slaves though, but I could be wrong. 

Chris embodies the black person that wants to be accepted but is also still pretty guarded. He also is a bit blinded by love. There's been a long standing notion in the black community that black men shouldn't date white women because she will set you up to destroy you. This movie caters to that fear, which has many historical ties like the horrendous treatment of young Emmitt Till, who was tortured and killed because he allegedly whistled at a white woman. 

I knew something was up when Rose, the girlfriend to Chris, failed to mention to her parents that he was black. I knew then that this was a set up. Who doesn't prep their parents? I prep my parents when it's a black woman! Lol. I also noticed that Rose downplayed all of Chris' concerns as jokes. I knew then she wasn't trying to relate to him, but make him seem overly fearful in order to further let his guard down. I was shocked that Rose herself wasn't under the hypnosis of her mom. 

Speaking of hypnosis, that's also a huge fear of many black people. Being under the control of another person and not being able to do anything about it, is a terrifying thought. When the family was sitting outside and the mom tapped the glass twice, I knew that was the focus point. That and the stirring of the spoon.  

Can we talk about the "help"? The groundskeeper and the maid were very odd. I knew that from the moment they were on the screen. I didn't know that they were actually the grandfather and grandmother. That was a major plot twist.  

Also, Chris should have ran out of there when he met "Logan". Ain't no brothers named Logan!! Then he shook the fist bump!! Yep time to roll!  

The film left me with a few questions. Would these people be able to live forever by constantly putting themselves into the bodies of black people? Did they think they would go through life and live happily without having to deal with the everyday issues that black people struggle with? Like the issue with the police officer on the way to the house. Lastly, where the hell are the other black people? ROSE HAD A BOX FULL OF VICTIMS!! Where are they? Did they get Logan back?  

I thought the film was very good. I think this film could have only be written by a black person because it showed the fears that we have when it comes to white people. I'm in no way saying this is the right way to think, I'm just pointing out a way of thinking amongst some blacks. I remember when I was a kid and I read a book to my grandmother. She instantly grabbed from me and said "Dont be doing all that reading. White folks will kill you for reading." At the time I thought she was crazy, but later in life I found out that her brother, George, was killed by a group of white men for reading. It blew my mind, but also made me realize that these fears might have been based on fear truths and experiences.  

At this point in my life, I try to base every interaction with any person specifically on that situation and not on what someone's great great grandaddy might have done to my great great grandfather. I don't judge a person by their skin color at all, but I also struggle with these fears and suspicions because I've been programmed to think that all white people have sinister motives, which is totally not true at all. All humans have the capacity to be evil as well as the capacity to be good. It's not regulated to one race. That's the message I got from this film. That blacks have a real fear and that usually gets pushed to the side as nonsense when it's deeply rooted and ingrained in us from day one. I hope this opens the door for more dialogue so that we can dispell these fears and move closer to being just a human race. 

Also top NCAA prospects, beware!! Lol

Life is for Living,  

Michael B.