Just a Night at Brooks

         Last night I get a call from my pretend friend, Cassie, about an event going on at Brooks Museum of Arts. Seeing how it was Taco Tuesday, which is my favorite day if the week, I was slightly uninterested. Then she told me it was Spring Preview for Paradox Catering that included drinks! Well naturally I dropped those tacos and ran to Brooks! 


        I arrived a bit late but I still was able to see a masterpiece being created on red cheesecloth. I'm not entirely sure what it was but I know there were beets and smoked chocolate.  


           So the Brooks Museum now has a cafe inside and it is really cool! It's called Cafe Brooks and Paradox is partnering with them on it. I had espresso shots, made with vodka, and chocolate croissants! These croissants though!! I think I ate 10 of them and I'm not ashamed at all. 

Chocolate croissants

Chocolate croissants

Espresso shots  

Espresso shots  

         I really was impressed with the decorating of the venue and took the opportunity to snap a few photos because snapping pics is what I do! The decorating was top notch!


          I wish I was gotten there a bit earlier to fully enjoy the event, but I still enjoyed the one hour I was there. Especially seeing some friends there. If you're looking for catering for your event go check out Paradox Catering. Click HERE for their website. 


Life is for Living,

Michael B

Cassie, Elizabeth, & Alma

Cassie, Elizabeth, & Alma