We Do Mother’s Day A Little Different

           Most brave the huge crowds to take their moms to a restaurant for Mother’s Day. Some buy mom a card or some gift she may or may not use. My sisters and I do things a little different on the day to celebrate mom. We turn the hell up!!! 

           Yes! We don’t do that typical boring Mother’s Day routine. We bar hop with mom and she loves it! It all started 3 years ago when we took my mom to a nice brunch and we had a lot of time after. My mom suggested another place to get another drink and the rest is history. It’s great to see my mom having a great time on her day. Well, as long as we monitor her drinks because that little lady will go beyond her limits lol. Here are a couple pics from out latest Mother’s Day Bar Crawl. 

          We started out at Blue Monkey then headed over to Pontotoc Lounge and ended at Tin Roof on Beale. Keep in mind we walked this entire distance lol. My mom had an amazing time and I love seeing her enjoy herself even if she did sit in some musician’s lap. 

            Do you do anything not typical on Mother’s Day? If so, drop me a comment and let me know! 


Life is is for Living, 

Michael B.