I Took Matti Haapoja’s Challenge

          Mane, I love YouTube! I really love YouTube! I literally learned everything about blogging, photography, and videography from YouTube. I know, it’s an insanely resource of knowledge. One of my favorite Youtubers, Matti Haapoja, issued a Solo B Roll challenge. The rules were pretty simple. Shoot a 1 min video featuring yourself without any help from anyone else. Seems simple right? Wrong! 

          This was the hardest thing to pull off. Do you know how crazy you look filming yourself? Lol. It didn’t go exactly as I planned but I made the most of the footage I did get. I also had to represent for the home town. I might not win but if Matti likes or comments, I see that as a win!  

Here’s the video! 

           Also, my friends seem to think this could be a sneaker or Footlocker ad. Yo Nike holler at me! 

Life is for Living, 

Michael B.  

A Walk in Shelby Farms

       I rarely get away from the urban hustle and and flow to take time to just think and be alone. I'm usually on the go and doing a million things. So I decided to get out with my camera and a drone.  

Yes, I said drone. I have a good friend that owns one and he let me borrow it. He must really trust me or he has plenty of money to blow! Either way, I'm glad he's my friend lol. I'm definitely no drone pilot, but the DJI Phantom 3 was surprisingly easy to fly. I just need to work on the photography aspect of it.  

Not bad for a first attempt.  

Not bad for a first attempt.  

       Being a city guy, I'm naturally pretty nervous about walking in the woods alone. I know all he tell tale signs of danger in the city. Im not so sharp in nature. I didn't know if there would be a snake or bear lurking. Ok maybe not a bear, but maybe a cougar lol. Luckily, the sun was high and the path was pretty well lit. 


 I came across this really cool bridge on my adventure. I shot maternity pics near this bridge but I've never seen it in the daytime. There were no trolls under this bridge. Thank God! 


Where there's a bridge, there should be water, right? Why else would you bridge a bridge? Well I guess there are a few reasons but anyways. There is a littke river that flows near the bridge. There's also a beach! Well there's sand and that pretty much means it's a beach!  While walking along the beach, I saw this little red leaf in the river. In a world of brown, this little leaf decided to be different. A great way to live life! 



Getting away from the city was definitely refreshing and much needed. Being alone in your own thoughts can be highly therapeutic. I will definitely return, but next time I will bring my dog. He would do love it. 

Drone Footage

Life is for Living, 

Michael B.