I Went to Memphis Fashion Week!

          My media pass was approved to cover Memphis Fashion Week! Happy Dance mane!! I’m not the most stylish gent ever, but I figured I could get some dope photos at least. I’m still a marginally adequate photographer for crying out loud! 

I got backstage access!!

I got backstage access!!

The Wonderland Squad!!

The Wonderland Squad!!

            Well, apparently I’m a better videographer than photographer so I was asked to make a highlight video instead. I was so nervous because I’ve never even looked at a fashion show video before. I scoured YouTube for inspiration but I was so nervous. I think the final project ended up pretty good. Check out the video!  


             I really enjoyed myself! I totally know way more people than I thought lol. It was a great experience. I wish there were more things designed for guys though. I need all the help I can get. 

 Life is for Living,

Michael B.  

When Bloggers Unite

           I love when my fellow bloggers decide to collab and not compete! We all win in that situation. I've met some amazing people through this simple concept, especially the amazingly talented Kim Thomas (KPFusion.com). Recently she organized a blogger meet up at the uber luxurious Guesthouse at Graceland hotel. Not only were we awarded with an amazing tour of the grounds, but it allowed me to meet more bloggers in the city. I'm not sure if I enjoyed the hotel or people more; either way I truly loved the experience! 

            Of course I had my Sony camera handy and decided to turn the whole place into my own location shoot! I mean why wouldn't I take advantage of being in this fancy hotel!  

The Interior 

          If you're into interior design, you might go into overload. The Guesthouse at Graceland has some of the best I've ever seen. Admittedly, I'm not an interior designer, but I know nice things when I see them. Every piece has a subtle nod to Elvis Presley in some way. It's like a little scavenger hunt in each throughout. 

The Bloggers 

          I didn't get a chance to snap a pic of everyone in attendance because we were all pretty amazed by all the sites, but I did manage get a couple! Some I've previously known and a couple I had no clue even existed. A special shout out to Denzel Alexander for helping me step my fashion game up and Carmeon Hamilton of Nubi Interiors for showing me how to decorate a coffee table!  Both invaluable!  


          If you get the chance, do yourself a favor and check out the Guesthouse at Graceland. You will definitely be amazed! Go see Charles at the Lobby Bar! He's literally one of the best bartenders in the city. If you know me, I try to stay as close to the bar as possible! Go check the Guesthouse website for upcoming shows, events, and other happenings. There's something for everyone here! I would like to once again thank Kim Thomas and the entire Guesthouse at Graceland staff for making this all possible. It's always great to showcase Memphis in a positive light and show how many awesome attractions we offer. Thanks everyone!! 

Life is for Living, 

Michael B

Why You Should Never Miss Naturals in the City!

Its been almost a week and we still have a ton of awesome photos from the 5th annual Naturals in the City Hair Beauty and Wellness Expo. We at ONE901 decided we couldn’t just leave them all in the archives! There’s just too much awesomeness to leave unseen! (yes, I’ve decided that awesomeness is indeed a word). So here’s another recap of the amazing event through a fashion and beauty lens!

In the interest of full disclosure, I must tell the readers that I worked triple duty at NITC5. I hold a position with the event as Beauty Director, I am the events personal makeup artists for all celebrity guests, as well as vendor. So I may be a little bit impartial. However, I’m always honest plus I’m an Aries which means I’m pretty much always right so its all good. ☺

First up, my director, and founder of NITC, Mrs. Takesha Berry-Brooks

Mrs Takesha Berry-Brooks

Photo by Arekah the Goddess

Having worked this event almost every year since it’s beginning, I know first hand how difficult it is to put on an expo of this magnitude. Well, this Memphis native has done the work. And she’s done it in heels, a skirt, AND FULL MAKEUP! Managing an event with this many working parts deserves a round of applause. Managing to carve out 17.5 seconds to go full glam while an entire convention center worth of people are calling your name deserves a standing ovation. I don’t even look this pulled together at work. And I don’t let people talk to me before 10am. Just saying.


If I had to find a word or phrase to describe the over feel and mood of the event; it would probably be “whoever/whatever you are, you’re welcome here.” There where flat shoes, high heels, strappy sandals, sundress, jeans, relaxed hair, afros, braids, coils, twists, African American, Caucasians, men and women. Everyone was truly just free, networking and connecting and it showed.

Now about that Fashion Show!!


I had my eye laser focused on that Aztec print dress, and those white jeans, and….you see where this is going. Pieces for the show where provided by The Dean of Fashion boutique, Khadims, and Tanganika by Tangie. Shop local and support these amazing boutiques and designers.

Dean of Fashion 

Khadims Gueye Fashions

Tanganyika by Tangie

Now what really melts my heart was the kid’s fashion show. Children modeling, trying to pose, and rip a runway is always the most adorable thing EVAHHH! This was no exception.

Good. Lord. The. CUTENESS!!!

The Naturals in the City Expo was a huge success. I don’t think anyone who attended would disagree. The atmosphere was great, the vendors where eclectic and interesting. All the workshops drew great crowds. Plus the cuteness overload of that kids fashion show for the win! Takesha Berry-Brooks has a winner on her hands and something she can be truly proud of. Make sure to look up her event and support her, the vendors, and these uber adorable kids every summer. NITC is a great look for our great city.


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