I Finally Went To Hattie B’s

           So, I finally went Hattie B’s Nashville Hot Chicken. I put aside the Memphis/Nashville beef, which is totally a real thing, in the name of trying new food. See, that’s growth y’all. 

          I must say I was very impressed with the interior. It definitely vibes with the area it currently resides in. The patio is top notch and it’s covered!! It’s the perfect patio for brunching. I did notice Hattie B’s offers chicken and waffles on Sunday. I need to check to see what the mimosas situation is like. I pray they have mimosas. I need that patio in my life. 


           So back to the chicken. I ordered the large white, which comes with 2 sides. It came with 2 huge breasts with the wings attached, which is way more than I was expecting. You can also choose the level of spiciness when ordering. There are levels to this mane. The chicken is pretty good, but I wasn’t overly impressed. I wasn’t disappointed either. Its kind of a toss up for me. Not great, but not bad either. If I could use an analogy it would be that Hattie B’s is kinda like the city of Nashville; very nice place but lacks soul. For the sides, I went with baked beans, southern style greens, and pimento Mac and cheese. Yes, my inner fat kid came out. Mac and cheese was kinda blah, but the baked beans were crazy good! Greens are one of those polarizing dishes. Everybody can’t make them and there are lots of variations. They were better than I expected. Someone knows what they’re doing. Did I mention the beans are amazing?

           Would I recommend Hattie B’s? I wouldn’t say don’t go. It’s pretty good chicken and the prices are very good. It lacks a little in the seasoning department outside of just being spicy. I would probably go back if I’m in the area. I will certainly see what’s up with the brunch situation. I still think Gus’, Uncle Lou’s and Jack Pirtles are better options. No, I’m not just saying that because they are local. They just have a bit more of that soul that Hattie B’s lacks.

Life is for Living,

Michael B.

I Judged A Gumbo Competition!

           Yep! You can add food judge to my resume! I was given the opportunity to judge the gumbo competition for the Rajun Cajun Crawfish Fest over the weekend and it was definitely a unique experience. The weather was absolutely dreadful! It was unsually cold in Memphis and the river was surging. 

          As far as the gumbo? Well, let's just say you can't go around eating everybody food. I tasted about 7 and none were anything to right home about. The first was the best but it needed some seasoning. One tasted like Lysol. Seriously, Lysol. I am thankful I got the opportunity to judge in spite of some not being very good. I met some really cool people. 


Life is for Living,

Michael B.  

Review - Papa Bear Skins

I'm switching things up a bit over here at one901.com. I decided I needed a little bit of camera time from time to time. Not sure why anyone would wanna see my mug, but hey that's not the point. 

I'm here to tell you guys about Papa Bear Skins. I've always liked pork rinds and thought they were pretty basic. Well, Papa Bear Skins has changed my mind with their awesome selection of flavors. They have the standard BBQ and Hot and Spicy, but they also have Ranch and Lemon Pepper. Yes, lemon pepper! There are also other flavors as well. 

Here's my 1 min review of Papa Bear Skins! Excuse the focusing issues. Still learning the habits of this new lens. 

You can find where Papa Bear Skins are sold and updates on their Facebook and IG pages

 IG: @papabearskins

Life is for Living, 

Michael B.  

Just another Sunday Funday

Sunday is for brunching! It's become a regular thing for me lately. I'm going on a mission to find some awesome brunch spots around the city. My plan was to try the newest spot, Watershed, but the line was crazy long and the parking wasn't very good. So I will have to attempt again later. I ended up hitting one of my favorite spots, Blind Bear, instead. Seriously, this place is like the show Cheers to me. 


         Their Hungover like a Bear brunch is awesome. $3 mimosas y'all! I had biscuits and gravy, which comes with eggs and bacon for $13. You get a lot of food for the price and again $3 mimosas! I tend to go for the man-mosa. It's a spin on the mimosa by adding vodka to the mix of champagne and OJ. It's definitely a drink for the seasoned brunchers out there that want to get that buzz quickly lol.  


          I can never just go to one spot on Sunday Funday. I have to go to 2 or 3 places before I can consider the day a success. I also have an insatiable sweet tooth. I had a nagging craving for cheesecake and the best I've had so far is from Aldo's. Yes, this pizza spot has amazing cheesecake! Also, their shrimp and polenta dish is to die for! Trust me on this and I believe it's only available at the downtown location.  


Well that was my Sunday Funday. Next week will be a different spot. Any suggestions on places I must try? What are you favorite brunch spots? Comment or shoot me an email. Heck we can even brunch together!  


Life is for Living, 

Michael B.  



Memphis Black Restaurant Week: The HM Dessert Lounge

This week I will be covering Memphis Black Restaurant Week with another group of bloggers, Dine01901. You can check out their Youtube channel HERE. These guys do video reviews of restaurants around Memphis. I've dubbed this week as the Black Bloggers take on Memphis Black Restaurant Week. 

Our first stop for Black Restaurant Week was The HM Dessert Lounge. This is Memphis' first and only dessert lounge. This spot is located at Madison and Avalon St in Midtown near Overton Square. Ran by Chef Fran Mosley and has already established itself as a staple on the Memphis food scene. 

The first thing you'll notice when walking into HM is that there's a runway right in the middle of the place that also doubles as a dining table. It sets the place apart from any other place you'll find in the city. 

It's the small details that make HM Dessert Lounge unique. From the trendy living room setups complete with floor lamps to the local artwork on display throughout, The HM Dessert Lounge is one of a kind and also a very welcomed addition. 


Now for the moment you've been waiting for; the food!!!

Seared Salmon, Grilled Asparagus, & Orzo

Jerk Tilapia, Sautéed Cabbage, & Couscous 

Sweet Potato Brownie

Peach Cobbler

I truly enjoyed my experience at The HM Dessert Lounge. The food was amazing. It tasted so much better than it looked and it looked fantastic! The presentation of the food was impeccable! There's always been a thought that Black owned businesses didn't have good service, but I must admit that this visit totally disproved that. Every member of the staff greeted us and was very helpful and it was before we even pulled out any camera equipment. 

The Review

Dine01 and one901 team up to take on Memphis Black Restaurant week! Here's the first stop at The HM Dessert Lounge in Midtown!

I hope you get a chance to participate in Memphis Black Restaurant Week, but if not please make a trip out to HM Dessert Lounge. They also feature an outstanding brunch on Saturday. This is definitely a place that I would recommend to anyone wanting good food and an even better experience. 

All smiles after that incredible meal with Chef Fran!!!

All smiles after that incredible meal with Chef Fran!!!

Life is for Living, 

Michael B. 

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