What Women Really Want For Valentine’s Day

          Fellas, Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching and it’s time to figure out what to get your lady or ladies if you’re a player. Yeah I know you’ve waited until the last minute because I would always wait until the last minute. You’re scouring the internet looking for something decent that can be delivered the day of. Trust me, they don’t wanna hear it was delayed in shipping. 

             I’ve got you covered mane. Check this out. Don’t stress it because women aren’t as complex as we’ve been led to believe. They don’t all want huge displays of love like we’ve been told. Unless there’s a hating chick at her job. In that case, do something showy at the office. Other than that, women just want food! Yes, that’s it! But not just a plate of food. Turn it into a well thought out evening.  


          How? Skip flowers because they will die anyways. Get her favorite bottle of wine, order a 20 piece order of wings, and get a romantic movie like Love Jones or Love and Basketball and BOOM you’ve won bro! Throw in a bubble bath and a massage for extra points. Seems too simple right? Well it is that simple assuming you present it the right way. Make it about her fam. A romantic evening that’s just about you two and you’re actually paying attention!!?? Win fam!! Put the phone away and tend to that lady mane! Now this is truly #FreeGame. 

Life is for Living, 

Michael B.  

The Real Reason She Hates “WYD” Texts

This seems to be the text that has set the internet and women off collectively. Well, it all recently hit a head when a young woman posted a picture (below) of herself holding a list of her bills and stating they were the reason she couldn’t accept a WYD text. I honestly don’t see the connection between the two in any way, but I do have an opinion. 

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What Not to Get A Woman For Valentine's Day

I recently wrote a blog post helping women with buying a Valentine's Day gift for men. If you haven't checked it out, click this LINK. I was fully prepared to write a post to help the fellas out, but something odd happened. No something amazingly bad happened. I polled over 40 women to see what were some of the best and worst Valentine's Day gifts they've received. The responses totally changed the whole blog post! Instead of telling you what to get, I'm now going to tell you what NOT to get. There's a catch! I will use the quotes of the ladies I polled. Why? Because you should be listening to the ladies anyways. 

Worst gift I ever got was a typical last minute grocery store flowers and box of chocolates
The worst gift I got was an empty card. He didn’t even sign his name.
Workout gear
Familiar dick
Empty card
Teddy Bear. Leave those for the high school kids.
Flowers from Krogers and he didn’t know what kind of flowers they were.
I’ve never gotten a Valentine’s Day gift.
No gift at all.
A box of “what the hell are in these” chocolates.
Pots and pans set. It was a nice ass set, but who wants a damn US gift for V Day?
I got money...... yeah.
Anything I have to plan or execute. A coupon for a set of free hugs and shit. Nobody got time for that nonsense.
The worst gifts are gifts that show you don’t know me at all. I got white cake and I don’t eat white cake so it was a slap in the face.
cheesy Valentine’s Day teddy bear.
roses, chocolate, and giant obnoxious stuffed animals for adults. How fucking unoriginal!
Something he purchased an ex before me.
Cheap perfume that gave me a rash.
A 3D thing with a picture of him in it. Conceited much?
Bathroom renovation
Something I bought myself and he called it a gift since we shared a bank account.....
Permission to buy a drum set with my own money. Was told this via a 70s ass looking yellowed card from a tiny grocery store around the corner.
A book on coin magic that he told me HE wanted a few weeks earlier.
I got an Edible Arrangement exactly like the one he sent his mother with the same exact note!
A cheap ass off brand foot massager from the “quick gifts” section at Wal-Mart. It had to be $20 or less. It didn’t massage worth a damn and died after a few weeks.
A hideous, giant red stuffed alligator with a cheap bath product basket. We went out once and I didn’t even like the guy. He left it on my doorstep.
A huge card asking me to be their girlfriend on a first date.
A bunch of candy and condoms.
A phone call saying Happy Valentine’s Day
A text that he overslept.

Ok, I had to stop the assault. It got way worse. Needless to say, fellas we have do better. DON'T DO WHAT THESE GUYS DID!! Put some thought into this and you will be rewarded handsomely. You have 7 days! Really you only have about 3. I will give you a quick pro tip. Women don't always want something big and flashy. The consensus is the ladies just want something thoughtful and intimate. A dinner at a nice restaurant (NO CHAIN RESTAURANTS) or a dinner prepared by you at home. The one response I got that I thought was absolutely awesome; "My child's father gave me a week off from being a mother. He took care of the kid while I got needed rest." See, that doesn't take much effort guys. Also, write something in the damn card! 


Life is For Living,

Michael B.


Happy Birthday Poppa Bear

Oct 18th will be a day I will never forget. It’s the birthday of my father, Michael Butler Sr. He would have been 63 years old on today. It’s funny because I always thought my dad would live forever. I never thought I would ever have to be without him. I figured he’d be at Maddy’s high school and college graduation, her wedding, and become a great grandfather one day. 

I sit thinking about how I don’t have him and get upset thinking of all the things I want to tell him and can’t. I want to hear him tell me how the Cowboys are going to the Super Bowl or have him hold the flash light while supervising me fixing a faucet. My father was supposed to be with me forever and never leave.  

Then I realize that he’s still here with me and he will live forever. I have all these memories of him smiling, fussing at me, and all the lessons he taught me. There hasn’t been a day since he passed that I haven’t remembered one of his many sayings. Lord knows he had hundreds lol. 

So, here’s to my super hero! It’s your day Poppa Bear! In honor of your day, I have to share some silly pics of you. It’s only right lol.  


Life is for Living, 

Michael B.