Memphian Monday

     I wanted to highlight a different Memphian each Monday that I felt was doing great things in the city and abroad. This was originally was supposed to go live once my new site was finished, but that all changed when I was scrolling Instagram last night. 

       I look up and see this!! 


       Those guys standing with R&B artist Torey Lanez are Milton Howery(left) and Ty Sanders(right). I was so proud of these guys, but also a little jealous at the same time. Proud because I personally know both of them, Ty and I grew up together, but jealous because I would have loved to be at the Grammys! Where's my invite fellas? 


        If you're into music, then these are the guys you need to know! Milton is the founder of Milton Memphis, which is a concert management company, which has produced the "I Am Music Concert" that takes place each fall. He was also named Top Marketing Intern for Black Entertainment Television. It's safe to say he definitely knows what he's doing.  

        Ty is an A&R promotions manager that started out working with Plies and Chris J. He's currently on the management team for Kris Thomas, who on the TV Show "The Voice". Anytime I hear new music, I always run it by Ty and vice versa. He's always putting me on to new artists in the city like Marco Alexander and King Heartbreaker.  


       I'm so proud of these guys for showing that Memphis has loads of talent and people who genuinely go to and do great positive work that reflects back to the city. Many don't realize that the world is a much much bigger place than Memphis. With all the constant negative publicity surrounding the city, it's great to see 2 kids from Memphis on the biggest stage of their career paths. I salute you guys. 

         Also, I wouldn't be right if I didn't mention how cool it was to see Kameron Whalum on stage with Bruno Mars as well as Yo Gotti sitting next to Jay Z at the Grammys as well. That's a great look Memphis!  


Life is for Living, 

Michael B.