Nothing To Do In Memphis? Check out a Free Concert!

           If you’ve lived in Memphis for more than 10 hours, you’ve probably heard someone say there’s just nothing to do in Memphis or it’s such a boring city. Trust me, I hear it everyday even though I kinda write this whole blog about things that I do in Memphis! Crazy right? Whoever is telling you this is not telling you the truth. Consider your source first is what my mom always told me. Want something easy on the pockets? Love music? Then head over to the Levitt Shell for their free Summer Concert Series! 


          Yep, that’s totally something to do! Maddy and I go all the time and we enjoy ourselves every time. Do we always know who’s performing? Nope, but that makes it all the more exciting! FYI, we’ve never heard anyone bad ever. These are professional acts, but the local garage bands lol. This past weekend the featured band was Dustbowl Revival and they were very very good. Check them out on YouTube, Apple Music, or wherever you get your music these days. 

            Our essential list for Levitt Shell adventures goes like this. Blanket, fruit, sandwiches, drinks, Prosecco, chips, hula hoop, bubbles, and the amazing Panchos cheese dip. Oh god how we live that Pancho's cheese dip! That’s all you need for a picnic. Show up, find a spot, and enjoy. The parents are normally laid back with a beer or wine while all the kids run around doing kid stuff. It’s a very nostalgic feeling to it all. Like what summers used to be like as a kid. 

          There ya go! Something to do in Memphis! Want to see the upcoming performers? Gotcha covered. Click HERE.

 PRO TIP: ARRIVE EARLY! It fills up quickly and parking is pretty terrible over there near the zoo. You’ve been warned. So come out, let the kids run around with no shoes, hang out and enjoy some good music. Don’t forget bug spray! Southern mosquitos don’t play!   


Life is for Living,

Michael B.  

More pics! 

In Memory of: Imagine Vegan

          Boy oh boy. Where do I start? I'm sure you've heard by now about what's happened at Imagine Vegan via the interweb. If not, go to your nearest internet search box and type in Imagine Vegan or even #buttholegate on twitter. Yes, you read that totally correct. #buttholegate

          Now that you've educated yourselves, we can jump right into it. The whole thing is pure insanity and comedy. I saw two major issues here. A naked baby running around a and the owner's response.   

Naked Baby 

           I'm a father. When my Maddy was a baby it was totally possible for her to run around the house with nothing but a diaper on. She eventually got to a point where she wanted to be free and she learned to take it off. So that's totally not out the realm of what kids do. However, this was at home and not out in public. Babies can't be out in the world giving strip teases. Health code violations or not, you gotta watch what your child does and who's around your kid. Mane pedophiles everywhere and now they know where the babies strip. Accidents happen but everyone doesn't think what your child does is cute. 

The Response 

I get it. The owner, or as she called herself "mama bear", was pissed about someone talking noise about her kid. That's a natural response, but you also are running a business and must be professional even when you get a bad review. The reviewer might have over exaggerated, but still you just remain calm and professional. Apologize. Maybe offer a discount and keep it moving. Not this owner! She is about this life. Not only did the owner snap on the reviewer, but she said haters aren't welcomed. Haters? Really? Ain't nobody hating on your naked baby. She went on to say on the news "If you don't like vegan don't come here. If you don't like children, don't come here". Smh. Someone needed to be a friend and snatch the mic. Create some sort of diversion. A James Bond smoke screen maybe. Let's just agree that the response wasn't handled the best way. 

           I get that the owners are very into their restaurant being a family establishment. I've heard they do great things in the community as well. My dad always said people forget the good things you do but always remember the bad. I've never eaten at this restaurant before, mainly  because the idea of eating fake cheese and imitation meat grosses me out, but I'm not sure I would want to go now. Not because I think the owners are terrible people, but because I like my eating experience to be butthole free.  

No it's actually because I won't eat vegan food. 

Life is for Living, 

Michael B.  

Maddy goes to the Library

           Yes that's a terribly cheesy title, but it totally goes with this post so deal with it! Lol. Moving along, I took Maddy to the library! I have to admit I haven't been to the library in years. When I was a kid, I spent almost every day there. I grew up with 4 sisters so books were always my friend and the library was my escape from a house full of women.  

         Sorry I ramble at times. 

        So Maddy tells me she wants to go to the library to get a book and I was so excited! She wants to read! She's been reading everything in sight for a while now, but the library is a completely different animal! I definitely want her absorb more from books than TV. 

Disclaimer: All photos taken with iPhone 7  


Benjamin L Hooks Central Library

Benjamin L Hooks Central Library

          First thing first, this library is freaking impressive! I'm not sure how long it's been open but it's very modern. I have a thing for glass and it certainly has plenty of it. Oh btw, it's also my first trip to this library. I found out this was not Maddy's first trip, so shout out to her mom for taking her first!


         This structure is an architect's dream! Love the staircase and exposed elevator in the main lobby. Check out all that tempered glass!! 

She's officially a card carrying reader! 

She's officially a card carrying reader! 

       The process of getting a library card was really simple and straightforward.  Just show ID, fill out some paperwork and magically you are given a library card. They ran my library history to see if I had any outstanding balances. They didn't catch that I never returned Charlotte's Web from 4th grade! Yeah I'm a bit of a gangsta.

Pro tip: The library cards are free to all Memphis and Shelby County residents. 


          I asked Maddy what book she had in mind and she said she didn't know. Luckily for me she found something quickly and spared my afternoon of waiting on her to find a book. She was so excited about her book and started reading as soon as we got in the car. 


         I enjoyed our little adventure to the library. Mainly because she was so excited she was about reading and wanting the responsibility of holding her own library card. Any break from the iPad and Disney Channel is always a great thing to encourage as well. Maddy's mother and I are trying to teach her to be a bit more responsible and I hope she really does take care of the book she got.  The real test is seeing if the book will actually be returned on July 15th! 

Go check out the library's webpage at for more info about libraries close to you and all the great summer things they have for students to do. 

Life is for Living, 

Michael B.