What Women Really Want For Valentine’s Day

          Fellas, Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching and it’s time to figure out what to get your lady or ladies if you’re a player. Yeah I know you’ve waited until the last minute because I would always wait until the last minute. You’re scouring the internet looking for something decent that can be delivered the day of. Trust me, they don’t wanna hear it was delayed in shipping. 

             I’ve got you covered mane. Check this out. Don’t stress it because women aren’t as complex as we’ve been led to believe. They don’t all want huge displays of love like we’ve been told. Unless there’s a hating chick at her job. In that case, do something showy at the office. Other than that, women just want food! Yes, that’s it! But not just a plate of food. Turn it into a well thought out evening.  


          How? Skip flowers because they will die anyways. Get her favorite bottle of wine, order a 20 piece order of wings, and get a romantic movie like Love Jones or Love and Basketball and BOOM you’ve won bro! Throw in a bubble bath and a massage for extra points. Seems too simple right? Well it is that simple assuming you present it the right way. Make it about her fam. A romantic evening that’s just about you two and you’re actually paying attention!!?? Win fam!! Put the phone away and tend to that lady mane! Now this is truly #FreeGame. 

Life is for Living, 

Michael B.