5 Things Guys Actually Want For Valentine's Day

      So it's almost Valentine's Day and you're trying to decide what to get that special guy in your life. You're probably thinking, "Oh he really needs this" or " He could really use that". STOP!! No one wants what they need as a gift. Women tend to buy men what they need and not what we actually want. A woman wouldn't want a vacuum cleaner or an oil change as a gift and us fellas don't want a tie or socks either. Well, we kinda like socks just not basic black or white ones. In my experience, I've rarely gotten anything from a woman that I truly wanted unless I specifically told her what to get. So here's my guide to help you ladies out!  

  Disclaimer: SEX IS NOT A GIFT!!!


DJI Mavic Air

DJI Mavic Air

Yes! We love drones! Guys love gadgets in general and with the weather about to turn warmer, a drone is pretty much at the top of most guy's lists. I have one and I love it! They come in all price ranges as well, so they are budget friendly. My pick would be the DJI Mavic Air. Check it out HERE.

Also, if a drone is out of your budget, a radio controlled plane or car is a great alternative. 

Smart Speaker



What guy doesn't like music? Dump him if he doesn't. What's cooler than just playing music? Well, telling the speaker to play music lol. Not only that, a smart speaker can turn on lights, control a thermostat, send a text, and even order a pizza. Pretty cool, right? I've tried them all and I love the sound quality of the Sonos, but love the functionality of the Amazon Echo. 

Cool Socks 

trendy socks.jpg

Yes socks made the list! Not those plain and boring pack of socks. No one wants the socks our dads wore. Well, dad wore pretty cool socks, but I assume my mom played a huge part in that. Help your man out and step up his fashion game with some cool socks. Don't know what socks to get? Here's a pro guy tip. Socks should match the shirt. Go check his closet out and see what colors he normally wears and get matching socks. Simple. 



Yes, this could classify as a need as well, but a guy might not know he wants one. I tend to misplace my keys and wallet. I have been late to countless things because I'm tearing up my apartment in search of my wallet or keys. I was given a Tile and it's changed my life! Using the app, I can pinpoint where my wallet or keys are and it even plays a sound to navigate you directly to the lost object. Another killer feature is the Tile will also find the connected phone if you misplace it! Trust me, this is a great gift for the forgetful man. It just won't help him remember your anniversary though. I'm no miracle worker. 

Smart Watch


Hey look another smart item! Get the theme? Smart watches have come a very very long way. They aren't just for nerds who wanted a calculator on their wrist. Smart watches do so much more and are very stylish now. Watches are a must have accessory for a stylish fella and you can't really go wrong with a nice watch. Now that smart watches come with a variety of band and bezel options, a guy can finally get emails, listen to music, send messages, get directions, and update his calendar while being swagged out. My pick would be the Apple Watch. It's pretty much in a class of it's own. 

So here's a starting point! Don't buy guys another sad gift! We will accept it, but on the inside we are crying for something cool. Trust me, we love gifts just as much as you do. We just want the things we actually want. Does your guy have things currently that are on the list? Well, you could always get him basketball tickets, a jersey of his favorite player, a nice pair of shoes, or even a pocket knife. The ideas are endless, but you have to put the same thought into our gifts as you want us to put into yours. 

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Michael B. 

Southern Fashion Meets a Great Cause

Over the past weekend, I was able to cover the 5th Annual Get Down and Derby Gala that was presented by the Down Syndrome Association of Memphis. This was my first ever Kentucky Derby party, and I was highly impressed not just with the fashion but with the organization as well. 

The Down Syndrome Association of America is a great Memphis organization that provides support for families with children with Down Syndrome in addition to empowering those with Down syndrome. The also seek to promote inclusion by providing education and public awareness. I think that is awesome! No one want's to feel left out or disregarded and DSAM is doing all it can to ensure that people with Down Syndrome are seen as people with worth, value and can contribute to society. 

DSAM provides resources and education to new families, including an inclusive summer program from ages 3-10 at Germantown United Methodist Church, tutoring programs, adult advocacy programs, speak to community groups and sponsors many social events. They are truly a great example of the Golden Rule and a reminder that we should all treat each other a little bit better. 

You can get more info about Down Syndrome Association of Memphis by clicking HERE. I encourage you to please take a look and see what they have to offer and ways you could help! 

The 5th Annual Get Down and Derby Gala brought out the traditional Southern fashion! I'm talking big hats and seersucker suits!! I'm not well versed in the fashion world, so I'd like to take this moment to introduce the newest member of the one901 team, Nikki Chanel! She will be taking over the fashion and beauty aspect of the blog. 



You put on your best Derby themed attire, get a great Mint Julep and party anyways! At least, that's how we roll in Memphis. The annual DSAM Derby Party showcased some adorable derby-esque looks. Of course the stars of the day were the chapeaus (that's French for "hat" y'all), which are a mainstay at the Kentucky Derby. However, I'd lose my "Southern girl card" if I didn't point out that most of these headpieces could be seen at any given church on any given Sunday around here or on someone's super cool granny working in her front yard on a random Tuesday! Again, that's how we roll down here!

I love how the ladies came out with their large colorful hats. I think hats, like gloves, are becoming a lost form of fashion. Someone needs to do something about that! If anyone knows whom I should call, please let me know!

In the meantime, check out some of the looks from the event! Also, take note of the Memphis-proof makeup. We'll talk more about that later. LOL. 

The Gentlemen were not to be out done!

The Seersucker suit!



Gravity Defying!!

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