5 Things Guys Actually Want For Valentine's Day

      So it's almost Valentine's Day and you're trying to decide what to get that special guy in your life. You're probably thinking, "Oh he really needs this" or " He could really use that". STOP!! No one wants what they need as a gift. Women tend to buy men what they need and not what we actually want. A woman wouldn't want a vacuum cleaner or an oil change as a gift and us fellas don't want a tie or socks either. Well, we kinda like socks just not basic black or white ones. In my experience, I've rarely gotten anything from a woman that I truly wanted unless I specifically told her what to get. So here's my guide to help you ladies out!  

  Disclaimer: SEX IS NOT A GIFT!!!


DJI Mavic Air

DJI Mavic Air

Yes! We love drones! Guys love gadgets in general and with the weather about to turn warmer, a drone is pretty much at the top of most guy's lists. I have one and I love it! They come in all price ranges as well, so they are budget friendly. My pick would be the DJI Mavic Air. Check it out HERE.

Also, if a drone is out of your budget, a radio controlled plane or car is a great alternative. 

Smart Speaker



What guy doesn't like music? Dump him if he doesn't. What's cooler than just playing music? Well, telling the speaker to play music lol. Not only that, a smart speaker can turn on lights, control a thermostat, send a text, and even order a pizza. Pretty cool, right? I've tried them all and I love the sound quality of the Sonos, but love the functionality of the Amazon Echo. 

Cool Socks 

trendy socks.jpg

Yes socks made the list! Not those plain and boring pack of socks. No one wants the socks our dads wore. Well, dad wore pretty cool socks, but I assume my mom played a huge part in that. Help your man out and step up his fashion game with some cool socks. Don't know what socks to get? Here's a pro guy tip. Socks should match the shirt. Go check his closet out and see what colors he normally wears and get matching socks. Simple. 



Yes, this could classify as a need as well, but a guy might not know he wants one. I tend to misplace my keys and wallet. I have been late to countless things because I'm tearing up my apartment in search of my wallet or keys. I was given a Tile and it's changed my life! Using the app, I can pinpoint where my wallet or keys are and it even plays a sound to navigate you directly to the lost object. Another killer feature is the Tile will also find the connected phone if you misplace it! Trust me, this is a great gift for the forgetful man. It just won't help him remember your anniversary though. I'm no miracle worker. 

Smart Watch


Hey look another smart item! Get the theme? Smart watches have come a very very long way. They aren't just for nerds who wanted a calculator on their wrist. Smart watches do so much more and are very stylish now. Watches are a must have accessory for a stylish fella and you can't really go wrong with a nice watch. Now that smart watches come with a variety of band and bezel options, a guy can finally get emails, listen to music, send messages, get directions, and update his calendar while being swagged out. My pick would be the Apple Watch. It's pretty much in a class of it's own. 

So here's a starting point! Don't buy guys another sad gift! We will accept it, but on the inside we are crying for something cool. Trust me, we love gifts just as much as you do. We just want the things we actually want. Does your guy have things currently that are on the list? Well, you could always get him basketball tickets, a jersey of his favorite player, a nice pair of shoes, or even a pocket knife. The ideas are endless, but you have to put the same thought into our gifts as you want us to put into yours. 

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Life is for Living,

Michael B. 

My Top 5 Taco Tuesday Spots!!

Ok, by now you should know that I love tacos and that Taco Tuesday is pretty much the most amazing day of the week for me. I like it more than Sunday Funday and that's saying a lot. I was recently asked what my favorite spots to get tacos were, so I decided to share my Top 5 picks with you!

Disclaimer: These are in no particular order. 

1. El Mero Taco

Shrimp and Fried Chicken tacos

El Mero Taco is a local food truck that I absolutely love! I normally catch them on Thursdays in Court Square, but most Tuesdays I look to see where they are on Instagram. If you get the chance to try them out, definitely get the fried chicken taco. It's amazing! Also the brisket quesadilla and street corn are out of this world!

2. Las Delicias

The Gringa and pork chop tacos with cheese

Las Delicias was my first love when it came to tacos. It's still a place I frequent often because it's all so fresh and authentic. I used to primarily eat the steak and the pork chop tacos with cheese. Trust me the pork chop with cheese is a slice of heaven. I recently have fallen for the Gringa. It's just to die for! These tacos plus Las Delicias' fresh squeezed lime margarita is all you need for a great Taco Tuesday! I normally head to the location on Quince.

3. Maciel's Tortas and Tacos

Garlic shrimp and spicy chicken tacos

Maciel's is the new kid on the block and they have come out swinging for the fences. I tried them when they first opened on Main St and I've been a fan ever since. I love love love the garlic shrimp taco. It comes with a mango pico de gallo and avocado slices and is just everything! I started out with the tortilla tacos until a friend of mine put me on the real taco super secret game....fried tacos! Oh snap! As we say in Memphis, "them junts are fye!" They come in an order of 3 along with rice and beans. Can't go wrong with that at all. 

4. Elwood's Shack

Brisket taco

You don't know about Elwood's Shack? You are straight tripping!! They have some of the best tacos you can hope to have in Memphis. Though it's not a traditional Mexican restaurant, they have some great taco choices. My picks are the brisket taco and the Steelhead trout fish taco. That brisket taco is something serious, though! They all come with fresh greens, loads of cheese, avocado, and a white sauce that tops it off. Trust me, these tacos are no joke! 1 of these will have you full. They are huge!

5. Taco Bell

Doritos Loco Taco

Yes, I know this isn't a local spot. Yes, I know the meat has been much debated on whether or not it's real. Yes, I know this is a chain. I also know that this taco is damn good! I can't help it. I usually grab 3 or 4 of these in a week! I think it may be my obsession with Doritos, but I love this taco. I dare you to try one and not like it. Also, try the Cooler Ranch version but substitute chicken for the ground beef. So yes! I do go to chains on occasion. 


Well, those are my tops 5 tacos. What are you favorites? Any places I need to try out? Leave me something in the comment section to let me know. 

Life is for Living,

Michael B. 

Mike's Top 5 for Dinner

I'm constantly asked what my favorite restaurant in Memphis and it's actually a very hard question to answer because I love them all for different reasons. Well I know that's a not the greatest answer of all time so I decided to sit down and really think about my top 5 places to have dinner in Memphis.  

(These are in no particular order)  

1. Rizzo's

Rizzo's on South Main is definitely one of my favorite dinner spots in the city. Chef Brian Michael Patrick is not only a great cook, but he's insanely funny. Rizzo's has the feel of a restaurant that you wouldn't normally see in Memphis and I do say that in a great way. The decor of the place is top notch. 

My suggestions: You have to get the Lobster Pronto Pups! Trust me, they are simply incredible. Also the Chorizo meatloaf and the braised short ribs are A-1!

2. Itta Bena

One of the first things that attracted me to Itta Bena was that no one knew about Itta Bena and that's totally a great thing!! There's the secret door leading to the secret staircase then walking into an atmosphere that the total opposite of what you would expect on Beale! You go get to experience the vibe of Beale from way above through blue tinted windows. This place oozes elegance! 

My suggestions: Abita BBQ Shrimp with Abita Beer Bread!! The Duck and waffles is also great!

3. Folks Folly

I do love a good steak from time to time and Folks Folly is where you would want to go to get one of the best steaks the city has to offer. They also have so great seafood choices in addition to great weekly specials. Also check out their Cellar Lounge for complimentary fried dill pickles and listen to the grand piano. They also feature a Prime Cut Shoppe where you can get your favorite cuts to take home. 

My suggestions:  Folly's Tidbits and the Ribeye. 

4. DeJavu Restaurant

When I'm in the mood for authentic Creole dishes, DeJavu is always my go to spot. Chef Gary Williams is one of the coolest guys I know and I love his food! The restaurant has that traditional New Orleans flair that you would find in a spot in the French Quarter. The staff is always very nice and very welcoming. 

My suggestions: The Arkansas Outlaw...fried catfish covered in Crawfish ètouffèe.

5. One and Only BBQ

How could I make a Top 5 list of Memphis establishments and not include what we are best known for? That would just be rude! Only One and Only BBQ is my favorite place to get BBQ in the city, hands down! They have 2 locations and I prefer the Kirby and Quince location for lunch and the Perkins and Southern location for dinner. There's also construction happening on a 3rd location on Germantown Parkway. All that expansion means they must be making some great BBQ! 

My suggestions: BBQ Quesadilla, dry rub ribs, twice baked potato salad and Millie's Banana Pudding


So that's my top 5 places for dinner in Memphis. Keep in mind, I have more than 5 favorite spots to eat, but for the sake of this list i came up with 5. Next up will be my top 5 places for lunch! What are some of your favorite spots? Leave me a comment and also like and subscribe!! 

Life is for Living,

Michael B.