What Women Really Want For Valentine’s Day

          Fellas, Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching and it’s time to figure out what to get your lady or ladies if you’re a player. Yeah I know you’ve waited until the last minute because I would always wait until the last minute. You’re scouring the internet looking for something decent that can be delivered the day of. Trust me, they don’t wanna hear it was delayed in shipping. 

             I’ve got you covered mane. Check this out. Don’t stress it because women aren’t as complex as we’ve been led to believe. They don’t all want huge displays of love like we’ve been told. Unless there’s a hating chick at her job. In that case, do something showy at the office. Other than that, women just want food! Yes, that’s it! But not just a plate of food. Turn it into a well thought out evening.  


          How? Skip flowers because they will die anyways. Get her favorite bottle of wine, order a 20 piece order of wings, and get a romantic movie like Love Jones or Love and Basketball and BOOM you’ve won bro! Throw in a bubble bath and a massage for extra points. Seems too simple right? Well it is that simple assuming you present it the right way. Make it about her fam. A romantic evening that’s just about you two and you’re actually paying attention!!?? Win fam!! Put the phone away and tend to that lady mane! Now this is truly #FreeGame. 

Life is for Living, 

Michael B.  

Guy Tip: You Don’t Have To Be Tough All The Time

I know that title might rub some the wrong way, but let me explain. As a man, more specifically as a black man, life is tough. We don’t get to show signs of weakness. Feel bad about a breakup? Mane you’re weak. Fellas remember back when you skinned your knee on the playground? You knew it hurt like hell and want d to cry, but you couldn't. Why not? Because guys can’t cry. Guys can’t be weak.

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The Real Reason She Hates “WYD” Texts

This seems to be the text that has set the internet and women off collectively. Well, it all recently hit a head when a young woman posted a picture (below) of herself holding a list of her bills and stating they were the reason she couldn’t accept a WYD text. I honestly don’t see the connection between the two in any way, but I do have an opinion. 

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The Amazing Chef Gary Williams


          Waking up this morning to the news that Chef Gary Williams passed just didn’t seem real. He recently made a Facebook post that I left a laughing emoji on. There are so many other things I could and should have said instead of just an emoji.  

            The photo above is the first time I met Chef. It was at the an anniversary event for Pink Diva Cupcakery. The space on Florida St. was actually his older spot that he was leasing out so that someone could chase their own culinary dream. He had recently moved to the newer location on Main St. I introduced myself and told him I was new to blogging and he was so excited. He’s a guy that’s never met me a day in his life and he’s genuinely happy for me. He told me to chase my dreams always and never stop. He told me to come by his restaurant and do a review for him. We exchanged numbers. I didn’t think he would remember me, but when I called him a few days later he said Hey Mike! He asked when I was coming and he had something for me to try. 

         I went and had some of the best New Orleans food I have ever had in my life. Let me just say that the Arkansas Outlaw was basically something Jesus created. 

         After the meal, Gary talked to me for about 2 hours about Memphis, his family, leaving New Orleans and sports. I would drop in the restaurant every so often and we would have these long talks each time. He really loved to see people doing good things and really wanted other Blacks to succeed. He would always give me a plate of something to try and would refuse every time I wanted to pay for it.  

           He was just a great person and so supportive of others. I never heard a bad thing come out his mouth about anyone else. Well, he did say his chili was way better than Phillip Ashley and Brian Sanders. He did win  the chili contest so I guess he really never did say a bad thing. I will always remember the smile and that laugh. Memphis lost an amazing chef, a great person and I lost a friend. Chef, I don’t want to say goodbye but I want to say see you later. 

Life is for Living, 

Michael B.  

We Ain't Saved No Daylight Mane!

            Daylight Savings Time. The time of the year when we supposedly gain another hour of daylight. Everyone is so excited to sleep in for another hour so they can still barely make it to work on time. It’s sounds all good, but what daylight have we really saved? I walked out of work at 5 o’clock and it was already dark outside. I just wanted to go home and chill on my couch with a beer and a blanket.

            So why is Daylight Savings Time even a thing? A quick Google search later and I found that it’s to increase productivity. We humans need daylight in order to do work apparently. Makes sense because when I got off, I was instantly ready to do nothing. So we are basically all like Superman; powered by the sun. I was once told we had Daylight Savings Time so working kids wouldn’t get hit by cars. Yeah, I feel dumb for believing that now!

          Well, Daylight Savings Time is here and it’s a very real thing. I don’t have any cool tips to manage the extra hour. Maybe use it to spend time with your family, grab another drink at the bar, get a little more sleep, learn to do interpretive dancing. I will gladly take more daylight, but 1 day into Daylight Savings Time and I don’t feel like we’ve saved any at all. Another reason I hate the Fall. Ugh.

Life is for Living,

Michael B.

Be Your Own Superhero Mane

           I always wanted super powers. I’m pretty sure we all did at some point. Who doesn’t want super strength, the ability to fly, X-ray vision, or to be able to shoot cool things out our eyes? If you’ve never pretended to be a superhero, you might need a redo of childhood. Superheros are awesome, but they also cripple us. They make us dependent on them for our safety and lives. Where would we be without Superman? 

           We lust after their abilities and wish for them so we can change our own realities. What if I told you that everyone already has super powers? Would you believe me? You can totally change your entire life by changing your thinking. Sounds crazy right? I know, but it’s the truth. It starts in the thoughts and things tend to manifest in the physical. You can literally make yourself sick by thinking you’re sick!  

          While you can’t think you can fly and go jump off a building to test your abilities, you can get a pilot’s license and go fly a plane yourself. Being more positive and kind will in turn bring both back to you. Not every day but for the most part. So try something new today and think positive. Be nice to that coworker you don’t care for. Help a person in need. See how your super powers can work for you. 

Life is For Living, 

Michael B.  

Fire Ants are the Devil!

           Yes, the Devil! I've been down and out the last few days because of them. It happened so fast. I took my daughter for a walk while I flew my new drone. I stepped in the grass for literally just 2 mins and noticed something painful on my lower leg. I shrugged it off as a mosquito, but then I felt another another sting, then another and another. I looked down at my ankle and there were 10-15 ants crawling on me! 

            I swiped them off but a couple were stuck. Yes, stuck on my skin! Then I felt it. It felt like my entire ankle was on fire. The pain was intense. I pulled them off, grabbed my daughter and ran for the car. I got to my apartment and jumped in the shower, which totally didn't work. I tried ice, anti itch cream, rubbing alcohol, everything! Nothing worked! The pain was so intense. 

            It's Day 5 now and the pain had finally subsided but the itch is still there. It's fading, but not is it intense. I don't wish this on anyone. It truly sucks. Don't be like me. Watch where your stepping and be aware of your surroundings. Pay very close attention to where your kids are as well. The bites could send them to the emergency room. Pray for me y'all. 


Life is for Living, 

Michael B.  

5 Reasons You Weren't Invited to the Family 4th of July Party

           Your family has big 4th of July plans. There will be BBQ, plenty of laughter, spades or dominos, festive outfits and of course fireworks. There's one thing missing; you haven't received an invitation yet. It could be a slip up or an implied invitation because it's family. Maybe they don't really want you there. Before you crash the BBQ or get in your feels, consider these reasons why you didn't receive that invite. 

1. You drink too much

         We all know that one person that can't handle their alcohol. They either get extremely loud, overly aggressive or end up passed out in the kiddy pool. You gotta know your limit and stay well below it. No one wants to babysit your drunk ass. Plus throwing up in front of Grandma is grounds for family eviction. Get help or a damn good wing person to slow you down. 

2. You show up empty handed, but leave with plates.  

          I have an uncle who never ever brings anything to the BBQ, but always takes to go plates. Don't be like my uncle; who never gets invited yet always shows up anyways. Bring something! A bag of ice is the least you can do. It takes nothing to bring a couple sodas or hot dog buns. If you don't put in on this, you can't leave with anything. Simple.  

3. You Have Weird Food Preferences

          Yeah, we get it. You're Vegan, vegetarian, or on some other food restrictive diet. We totally understand it, but this menu ain't changing for you. Stop bringing your weird dishes trying to force everyone to try them. No cauliflower covered in buffalo sauce doesn't taste just like hot wings. We love you, but we kinda feel like you're judging us for eating BBQ. Not cool.    

4. Your Kids are Bad as Hell

          This one might be a hard pill to swallow for some parents, but sometimes people just don't like your kids. You might think little Timmy is a little angel, but everyone else sees the little devil he is. Kids that break things, smell really weird, and that fight everyone else's kids aren't welcome fam. Your kids need to have home training and a proper bath before coming to a family function. If your kids have silver teeth, just assume they aren't invited. You good, just leave that kid at home. 

5. You're a Negative Nancy or a Debbie Downer  

          No one wants a person around someone that's always negative or that's always in their feels. Bish don't kill my vibe. Don't come around raining on people's parades because your life isn't where you want it to be. Be positive and supportive of family and friends or stay your negative ass at home. If you're always sad at the function, people will naturally try to avoid you. So what you aren't married yet. Yes, we know you're unemployed, but none of that matters. No one really cares if you're having money troubles. We are all trying to enjoy our day off and family. Check those feels at the door. 


         Any of these remind you of yourself? It's never too late to make some changes and family will welcome you back regardless. That's what family is all about. We love you in spite of. What other reasons are there why someone wouldn't be invited to the family function? Drop a comment. Don't forget to like and subscribe to the blog for more updates!  

Life is for Living, 

Michael B.  


I Had My First Vegetarian Meal!

           Yep! I did it! My first vegetarian meal! Only took 35 years to finally try it. Before I go into my thoughts, I would like to thank Kim Thomas (@kpfusion), Justin Fox Burks (@TheChubbyVegetarian), and his lovely wife Amy for making this all possible. I was totally hesitant to try something drastically new, but they assured me I would enjoy it. So what did I have? 

The Vegetarian BBQ “Boss Man” Salad with Yogurt Ranch Dressing  

The Vegetarian BBQ “Boss Man” Salad with Yogurt Ranch Dressing  

             The Chubby Vegetarian whipped up his Vegetarian BBQ “Boss Man” Salad recipe along with oven roasted potatoes and banana pudding. You can check out the recipe HERE.               

             So, how was it? The “BBQ” didn’t taste like pulled pork, but it was oddly similar. Maybe my eyes and tastebuds were playing tricks on me. I’ve never been a huge fan of eggplant, but this was very good. I’m thinking the BBQ sauce helped make it more enjoyable for me. I could definitely have it again. I have to say the yogurt ranch dressing was absolutely amazing! OMG! I want a bottle of it! Now, let’s talk about this super crazy dope banana pudding for a second. Now, that I could eat every single day. You know how hard it is to keep the cookies from being soggy at the bottom? Those cookies were super crispy! Shout out to Amy for that banana pudding. You’re the real MVP!

           For a person that’s never eaten vegetarian food and has always been very resistant towards it, I must admit I was pleasantly surprised by the food. Now before everyone starts planning the parade for vegetarianism, I want to say that I totally couldn’t change completely over. I love my meat way too much, but I could definitely incorporate some of the dishes into my diet maybe twice a week. I want to thank The Chubby Vegetarian for not only being a super cool guy, but for not forcing any food on me. Sometimes people who are vegetarian or vegan want to change the lives of us or shame us about eating meat. Justin never did that and I totally appreciated that immensely. Go check him out on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for more vegetarian dishes. There’s also a matter of a Carrot-Dog that I need to explore! Also check out KPFUSION.com as well. She’s so freaking fashionable! 

Life is for Living, 

Michael B.